Hi, my name is Lily Lee.

I am 16 years old and in 11th grade.

When I was around 6 years old I started my charity, Give With Lily, to raise money to buy gifts and clothes for foster kids and have added helping homeless youth get the things they need as well as getting donations to feed the hungry along the way.

With the donations we gather, I negotiate big discounts with suppliers and so when you donate through my 501c3 your dollars go a lot further than if you were to go out and buy something to donate on your own. I would like you to read more about my charity and why it is important to give back to others.

For fun, I do Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art. I have a blue belt which is the 5th belt you can get in my capoeira group. I am pretty good at the Armada and Meia Lua De Compasso kicks. Also, I go to Ruth Asawa School of the Arts and am in the Guitar Department.

I hope that you will donate to me or another charity that donates to Foster Kids, Homeless Youth, and/or the Hungry.